Board Certified Female Plastic Surgeon With Over 20 Years Of Experience



Dr. Javan studied at Loma Linda University where she received her degree in Biophysics in three years. During that time, she was hand selected to teach physics lab to other undergraduate physics students, a job typically held by graduate students in many departments. During this time, she won departmental awards, was a leader in several on campus groups, and was active in research.

She continued on to pursue her medical degree at Loma Linda where she first became interested in Plastic Surgery. She continued her interest in research and presented her findings at several scientific plastic surgery meetings. She was elected to several leadership roles within the class, among them vice president and newspaper editor.

Her very rigorous residency training took place over the next seven years at St. John Hospital and Wayne State University in Michigan. During this time, many hours were dedicated to teaching younger residents and again, she presented her research at several scientific surgical and plastic surgical meetings. Her cosmetic training was conducted at the world renowned Manhattan Eye and Ear under Drs. Sherell Aston and Dan Baker.

Upon completion of her residency training, Dr. Javan became double board certified in General and Plastic Surgery. She returned to Southern California to start her practice.

Dr. Javan continues to teach and provide community lectures on a regular basis. An experienced and sought after Plastic Surgeon, she has been asked to provide her expert opinion for both television and magazine articles. In her spare time, Dr. Javan has given numerous volunteer hours for many years by serving on the Board of Directors of several community organizations.