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A healthy diet and regular exercise aren’t always enough to achieve the lean, beautifully contoured body you crave. For some of us, pregnancy, genetics, and the natural aging process makes it virtually impossible to lose excess fat in areas like the thighs, hips, abdomen and upper arms. If you’re battling stubborn, exercise-resistant fat pockets, liposuction may be the solution. And if you’re seeking liposuction in Thousand Oaks, CA, look no further than Leilie J. Javan MD.


Unlike diet and exercise programs, liposuction involves the surgical removal of excess fat cells from trouble spots for a leaner, more contoured silhouette. At Leilie J. Javan MD, we’re committed to the health and beauty of our patients both inside and out. We understand that trouble spots on your body can impact your self-esteem and quality of life, so we do our best to help you reach your aesthetic goals.

If diet and exercise aren’t delivering the results you’re looking for, call our office in Thousand Oaks, CA for a consultation and to learn more about liposuction.